Fort George Church of England (QC)

Dates of Operation
September 1, 1933 - June 30, 1975
St. Phillip’s School at Fort George, QC opened in 1933. Because of its remote location, food supply was a problem and fresh water was often difficult to obtain. The school was destroyed by fire in 1943. Although it was rebuilt, by the mid-1950s it was in deplorable shape and overcrowded. In 1969 the federal government took over the administration of the school operating it as a residence for students attending local schools. By 1973, it had an all-Aboriginal staff. (National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation)
Anglican Church of Canada

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Alternate Name(s)
Fort George Church of England Indian Residential School
Fort George River Indian Residential School
Fort Ste-Foy Residential School
St. Philips
St. Philips Anglican Residential and Day School
St. Philips Indian and Eskimo Residential School


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