Coudert Hall (YK)

Dates of Operation
September 15, 1960 - June 30, 1971
In 1960, the Whitehorse Roman Catholic Indian Hostel opened in Whitehorse, Yukon for students attending the Christ the King Catholic School. In 1966, the hostel was renamed Coudert Hall. The residence had a capacity of 100, but the number of students in residence fluctuated between 35 and 70. In 1970, Coudert Hall was merged with the Protestant Yukon Hall. The following year, Coudert Hall was closed with all the students being relocated to Yukon Hall. In 1971, a child-care worker at Coudert Hall was fired following complaints that he had sexually assaulted students. It was not until 1990 that he was prosecuted and convicted for those assaults. (National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation)
Catholic Church

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Alternate Name(s)
Coudert Hall Student Residence
Coudert Residence
Coudert Student Residence
Our Lady of Whitehorse
Our Lady of Whitehorse Hostel
Whitehorse Hostel
Whitehorse Indian Hostel
Whitehorse R.C. Indian Hostel
Whitehorse Roman Catholic Hostel
Whitehorse Student Residence
Whitehorse Student Residence


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Coudert Hall (built)