The 500 years of resistance comic book
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The 500 years of resistance comic book
Xwi7xwa Library, University of British Columbia

Hill, Gord
Churchill, Ward
"The 500 Years of Resistance Comic Book is a powerful and historically accurate graphic portayal of Indigenous resistance to the European colonization of the Americas, beginning with the Spanish invasion under Christopher Columbus ... Other events depicted include the 1680 Pueblo Revolt in New Mexico; the Inca insurgency in Peru from the 1500s to the 1780s; Pontiac and the 1763 Rebellion & Royal Proclamation; Geronimo and the 1860s Seminole Wars; Crazy Horse and the 1877 War on the Plains; the rise of the American Indian Movement in the 1960s; 1973's Wounded Knee; the Mohawk Oka Crisis in Quebec in 1990; and the 1995 Aazhoodena/Stoney Point resistance" -- back cover.

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Alternate Title(s)
500 years of resistance
9781551523606; 1551523604
1492 : invasion! -- Part 2 : resistance! -- Inca insurgency : from 1500s to Tupac Amaru, 1780s -- The unconquered Mapuche -- 1680 Pueblo revolt -- Pontiac : 1763 rebellion and the Royal Proclamation -- Seminole wars -- Apache : guerrillas of the Southwest -- War on the plains -- War on the coast -- No justice on stolen land -- Part 3 : assimilation -- Part 4 : renewed resistance : '68 rebellion -- The American Indian movement -- Wounded Knee '73 -- The Oka crisis -- Zapatistas -- 1995 standoff at Ts'peten -- Aazhoodena : Ipperwash/Stoney Point 1995.
Introduction by Ward Churchill.
Includes bibliographical references: pages 21-25.
First Nations author.


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