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Thou shalt not be an Indian : a residential school survivor's story
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Marieval (SK)
Kakakaway, Robert
Robert Kakakaway was a student at Marieval Indian Residential School for six years. In this memoir he recounts the many hardships he experienced in one of the most notorious residential schools. Prior to attending Marieval, Kakakaway had had a happy childhood, but from the time he became a pupil at the age of six, his life was characterized by loneliness, fear, and abuse. He was bullied, and lived in continuous fear of being punished. Learning this different way of life, made his parents strangers, and the outdoors he had known as a child was replaced by foreign teachings from the Bible. A major theme of this story is a common to most residential schools: it was wrong to be an Indian. (Adapted from publisher's summary).

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My early childhood - the happy years -- Please don't leave us here -- The unbearable loneliness -- We just want to go home -- The lonely fall season -- Christmas holidays at home -- A cruel winter -- Home for Easter -- Back to that horrible place -- Reminiscing about home -- Endless days of summer.


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