They came for the children : Canada, Aboriginal peoples, and residential schools
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Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada
"For over a century, generations of Aboriginal children were separated from their parents and raised in overcrowded, underfunded, and often unhealthy residential schools across Canada. They were commonly denied the right to speak their language and told their cultural beliefs were sinful. Some students did not see their parents for years. Others, the victims of scandalously high death rates, never made it back home. Even by the standards of the day, discipline often was excessive. Lack of supervision left students prey to sexual predators. To put it simply the needs of tens of thousands of Aboriginal children were neglected routinely. Far too many children were abused far too often. But this story is about more than neglect and abuse. Those painful stories rightfully have captured national headlines. They are central to the story this book tells. But there is more to tell" (They Came for the Children : Canada, Aboriginal Peoples, and Residential Schools, pg. 1).

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Canada, Aboriginal peoples, and residential schools
9781100199962; 1100199969
Preface -- Introduction -- To Christianize and civilize: Canada's residential schools -- School days: the residential school experience -- Residential schools in the North and the Arctic -- The experience of the MeĢtis and residential schools -- The staff experience -- The continuing legacy of residential schools -- Conclusions -- Appendix A -- Endnotes -- References -- Sources of quotations in captions.
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