Shattered spirits in the land of the little sticks
Xwi7xwa Library, University of British Columbia

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Guy Hill (MB)
Michell, Herman J.
"Shattered Spirits in the Land of the Little Sticks traces the impacts of Residential school experiences within the life of a male survivor of Woodland Cree heritage. Chapter 1 is a biographical and cultural snapshot of Dr. Michell’s personal childhood reflections and experiences ‘out on the northern landscape’ before Residential school. Chapter 2 provides a general overview of Residential schools against the backdrop of colonization in Canada. Chapter 3 and 4 are focused on Guy Hill Residential School and Dr. Michell’s experiences in this institution. Chapter 5 describes the impact of Residential school abuse at the individual level in the following four dimensions: physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional. Chapter 6 represents the lasting impact of Residential school abuse at the family and community levels. As Dr. Michell astutely notes, in Residential school, we were taught not to question, critique, or talk too much. We learned to stay silent. And we stayed silent for many generations. The time has come to move beyond this silence, disclose our hurts, grieve over our losses, heal from the pain, and embrace life"--publisher's website.

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Alternate Title(s)
Contextualizing the impact of residential schools among the Woodland Cree
9781926476032; 1926476034
Life before residential school : out on the northern landscape -- The story of residential schools and colonization -- Guy Hill Residential School -- Sexual abuse experiences at Guy Hill Residential School -- Contextualizing the impact of abuse at the individual level -- Contextualizing the impact of abuse at the family and community level.
Includes bibliographical references.


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