Coyote Raven Go Canoeing : Coming Home To The Village
Xwi7xwa Library, University of British Columbia

Cole, Peter.
"In a gesture toward traditional First Nations orality, Peter Cole blends poetic and dramatic voices with storytelling. A conversation between two tricksters, Coyote and Raven, and the colonized and the colonizers, his narrative takes the form of a canoe journey. Cole draws on traditional Aboriginal knowledge to move away from the western genres that have long contained, shaped, and determined ab/originality. Written in free verse, Coyote and Raven Go Canoeing is meant to be read aloud and breaks new ground by making orality the foundation of its scholarship.

Cole moves beyond the rhetoric and presumption of white academic (de/re)colonizers to aboriginal spaces recreated by aboriginal peoples. Rather than employing the traditional western practice of gathering information about exoticized other, demonized other, contained other, Coyote and Raven Go Canoeing is a celebration of aboriginal thought, spirituality, and practice, a sharing of lived experience as First Peoples."

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Coyote and raven go canoeing
0773528199; 0773529136
Writing sp a ces --Living in the village --Water mark(ings) --Relics --Ama7 sqit nilhtsen skwatsits tsexox --Larry --Aboriginalizing methodology: considering the canoe --Protocol for passengers --Shaping the canoe --In creating a frameword --In considering a sweatlodge --Domicilic frameworks --More aboriginal/ized epistemologies and methodologies --Aboriginal technological frameworks --Relating to relations : a framework of respect --Navigating upstream --Occidental turbulence --Maori fullbloodedness and Koori dreaming --Educating Jackie --Talking about talk in Kitsilano reserve and at Calhoun's --Navigating around the English language and 'Indian experts' --Auction re:search --Back to the English language and 'Indian experts' --Please don't take our stories our knowings our technologies away --Haida 'myth' tellers --Indian experts revisited --Whose history? : whose land? : whose voice? : who's awake? --Reclaiming our stories --Much rez adieux about (Dewey's) goats in the curriculum --Satellite campus scenario : British Columbia --Intertext --Interludic rouse --coyotec interlude with Heesoon Bai --Technologizing the rez --Ghettoizing the margins --Special education special delivery cod : return to sender --Indigenous traditions and ecology conference --Translating Native American cultures conference --l/terature re/view --Indigenous knowings conference --New Zealand council for teacher education conference --Our stories of 'schooling' --Felicity's story --Alissa's story --Suzanne's story --Teresa's story --Travels with Elsa --education story from up home --Pat's story --Other ab/original stories of 'schooling' --Aotearoa : (New Zealand) --Frances' story --Aotearoa : Agnes' story --Belize : Filiberto's story --Malawi : Andrew's story --Mexico : Ricardo's story --Kenya : Mutindi's story --Intertextual journeying: first nations --Inter/viewing texts : writing --Inter/viewing texts : dancing --Inter/viewing texts : singing --Dan Smoke : Asayenes --Moving on --Making room for aboriginal people and practices in aboriginal 'studies' --postresidential school --Listening to the elders --Bilge pumping and looking after our friends. 
McGill-Queen's native and northern series, 42
Includes bibliographical references (p. [325]-330) and index.


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