8th fire : indigenous in the city
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Hunka, Ryszard., Rajotte, Coleen., Odele, Charlotte., Ondaatje, Griffin., Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. Documentary Unit.
"In the opening episode of the four-part series 8TH Fire, host Wab Kinew, from the Ojibways of Onigaming First Nation in Northern Ontario, and now a Winnipeg-based TV journalist, invites us to come "meet the neighbours". It's about time, since many Canadians say they have never met an Aboriginal person. This vibrant kaleidoscopic hour, introduces a diverse cast of Indigenous characters living in the cities. They are united in a shared bond as Canada's First Peoples and in their determination to reassert their culture within a wider population of non-Indigenous Canadians."

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Alternate Title(s)
At the crossroads indigenous in the city
Doc Zone (television program)
Eighth fire : Indigenous in the city
Series title:  8th fire. 
Director, Ryszard Hunka ; producers, Coleen Rajotte, Charlotte Odele, Griffin Ondaatje ; series producer, Kelly Crichton ; executive producers, Sue Dando, Peter John Ingles.
Host, Wab Kinew.


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