The fallen feather : Indian industrial residential schools Canadian Confederation
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Bezeau, Randy N., Hoskins, Jannica R., (Firm).
"The Fallen Feather provides an in-depth critical analysis of the driving forces behind the creation of Canadian Indian Residential Schools. Using historical source documents, survivors' personal testimonies and detailed analysis from community leaders, the film explores in detail, the Federal Government's primary motivation in the creation of these schools. While examining the influences of Indian wars, Sir John A. MacDonald's National Policy, Land Claims issues, the film details how all of these events and visions contributed to the development of these schools. The film argues that the lasting effects that First Nations in Canada suffer today, can be traced back directly to their experiences within these schools. Finally, we as Canadians are all challenged to re-examine our shared history."

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Fallen feather : Indian industrial residential schools and Canadian Confederation
The politics of war (23 min.) -- The French Indian War -- The Pontiac War -- The Royal Proclamation of 1763 -- Sir John A. Macdonald's national dream -- Indian threats to Canadian Confederation -- The Davin Report, American Indian industrial schools-- The need to take hostages -- School life (35 min.) -- Forced removal of Indian children -- Religious indoctrination -- Poor education and malnutrition -- Physical and sexual abuse -- First person testimonials -- Tuberculosis (13 min.) -- TB hut, substandard health care -- "National crime" 1910 -- "The final solution" 1910 -- Lasting effects (22 min.) -- Suicides -- Prisons -- Family dysfunction -- Need for improved education -- The importance of reclaiming culture -- The Fallen Feather ceremony -- Need for truth and reconciliation -- Final tribute to Dr. Mary Thomas, Royal Canadian Mounted Police.
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