Club Native : How Thick Is Your Blood?
Xwi7xwa Library, University of British Columbia

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Bainbridge, Catherine., Webb, Ernest., Deer, Tracey., Nicholas, Kanerahtenháwi Hilda., Martin, Akwiratekha., Ludwick, Linda., Fon, Christina., Symansky, Adam., Rezolution Pictures Inc., National Film Board of Canada.
"In Club Native, filmmaker Tracey Deer uses Kahnawake, her hometown, as a lens to probe deeply into the history and contemporary reality of Aboriginal identity. Following the stories of four women, she reveals the exclusionary attitudes that divide the community and many others like it across Canada. Deer traces the roots of the problem, from the advent of the highly discriminatory Indian Act through the controversy of Bill C31, up to the present day, where membership on the reserve is determined by a council of Mohawk elders, whose rulings often appear inconsistent. And with her own home as a poignant case study, she raises a difficult question faced by people of many ethnicities across the world: What roles do bloodline and culture play in determining identity?"

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Alternate Title(s)
How thick is your blood?
DVD-R, Dolby digital.
Originally produced as a documentary film in 2007.
Writer/director, Tracey Deer. 
Producers, Linda Ludwick, Christina Fon, Adam Symansky.  
Executive producers, Catherine Bainbridge, Ernest Webb. 
Editor, Carl Freed.
Director of photography, Jeff Dorn. 
Music, Mona Laviolette, Linda Ludwick.
Narration, Tracey Deer, Hilda Nicholas, Akwiratekha Martin.


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