Our spirits don't speak English : Indian boarding schools
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Richie, Chip., Heape, Steven R., Agent, Dan., Ross, Gayle., Tipre, Karl., Schellenberg, August., Rich-Heape Films.
"Imagine you are a child, taken from your home, your family, taken from everything you know. In 1869, the U.S. government enacted a policy of educating Native American children in the ways of western society. By the late 1960's, more than 100,000 had been forced to attend Indian Boarding School."

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Alternate Title(s)
Indian boarding school
Movie -- Chapters: 1. Invasion and conquest -- 2. Conversion to Christianity -- 3. Assimilation -- 4. Boarding school expirence -- 5. Losing their heritage -- 6. The decision to attend -- 7. Life after boarding school -- 8. Making the system work for them -- More info [additional award winning DVDs produced by Rich-Heape Films].
DVD video, NTSC, produced in high definition.
Closed-captioned in English.
"Circle of life" series (Rich-Heape Films)
Original story concept by Karl Tipre.
HD cinematography, Chip Richie
Editor, Robert J. Castaldo 
Original music, Jay Adkins
Contributing composer, Dawn Avery
Opening narrative, August Schellenberg.
Presenter/narrator, Gayle Ross.


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