Forsaken : the report of the Missing Women Commission of Inquiry : executive summary
Xwi7xwa Library, University of British Columbia

British Columbia. Missing Women Commission of Inquiry.
Oppal, Wallace T.
"Most of us will never have to worry about where we will get our next meal, what we will do to get the money we need to live or where we will sleep. We don’t understand what it feels like to be consumed by fears about our physical safety and yet afraid to contact the police. On your own, easily forsaken.

Forsaken. That is the story of the missing and murdered women"

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Missing Women Commission of Inquiry, report : executive summary
Volume I - The women, their lives and the framework of inquiry: setting the context for understanding and change -- Part 1: Introduction -- Part 2: The crisis of missing and murdered women -- Part 3: The women -- Part 4: The women's lives -- Part 5: Legal and policy framework for the inquiry: policing duties, structures, principles and standards -- Volume II - Nobodies: how and why we failed the missing and murdered women -- Part 1: The investigation of the Anderson assault and the crown decision to stay the 1997 charges against Pickton -- Part 2: Overview of the investigations -- Part 3: Critical police failures -- Part 4: Underlying causes for the critical police failures -- Volume III - Gone, but not forgotten: building the women's legacy of safety together -- Part 1: Working together to build a legacy for the missing women -- Part 2: Bridging the gap from 2002 to 2012: overview of police reforms and current initiatives -- Part 3: Laying the foundation for effective change: acknowledging the harm and fostering healing and reconciliation -- Part 4: Renewing our commitment to equal protection of the law through practical measures -- Part 5: Listening, learning and responding: strategies to prevent violence against marginalized women in the DTES and other urban areas -- Part 6: Standing together and moving forward: strategies to prevent violence against Aboriginal and rural women -- Part 7: Fostering innovation and standardization: a framework for best practices in missing person investigations -- Part 8: Enhancing police investigations of missing persons and suspected multiple homicides -- Part 9: committing to a regional police force in Greater Vancouver -- Part 10: Facilitating effective multi-jurisdictional responses to crime -- Part 11: Ensuring police accountability to the communities they serve -- Part 12: Assuring the women's legacy: implementation, change management and evaluation -- Part 13: Summary of recommendations.
"November 19, 2012."
Includes glossary.
Includes bibliographical references.


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