100 years of loss : the residential school system in Canada
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"An educational kit for teachers aimed at helping to raise awareness about the history and legacy of residential schools in Canada. Geared towards Canadian youth aged 11-18."

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One-hundred years of loss
9780973352054; 0973352051
Teacher's Guide: 100 years of loss: the residential school system in Canada -- Residential school timeline chart -- Contents of DVD: -- Video 1: Lesson Plan 1/Activity 1 ; House of Commons Proceedings, June 11, 2008 Statement of Apology to former students of Indian Residential Schools -- Video 2: Lession Plan 2/Activity 2 ; Where are the Children: Healing the Legacy of Residential Schools -- Video 3: Lesson Plan 3/Activity 3 ; Our Stories... Our Strength.
Banner instructions printed inside box cover.
Erratum - Teacher's Guides printed before April 2013. The sources for the content on pages 49 and 51 of the 100 Years of Loss Teacher's Guide are incorrect. See link to download a corrected Student Resource Sheet, Historical Excerpt: Sessional Reports and Papers.


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