No longer captives of the past : the story of a reconciliation on Erromango = Ne plus être esclaves du passé : l'histoire d'une réconciliation sur Erromango
Xwi7xwa Library, University of British Columbia

Mayer, Carol E.
Naupa, Anna., Warri, Vanessa., Erromango Cultural Association (Vanuatu)., University of British Columbia. Museum of Anthropology.
"his bilingual book recounts the memories of a reconciliation ceremony held on Erromango, one of the South Pacific islands comprising the Republic of Vanuatu. The impetus for the ceremony was the murder in 1839 of English Presbyterian missionary John Williams and a colleague.The reconciliation ceremony originated with an act of generosity whereby Williams' descendants offered the missionary's South Pacific memorabilia to UBC's Museum of Anthropology. The museum's Pacific curator, Carol Mayer, not only accepted the items but initiated the reconciliation ceremony and resultant book. The book both describes and visualizes the event and related missionary activity with 105 compelling coloured illustrations. The result is a powerful firsthand and interpretive narrative able to be employed to good effect to remediate both comparable wrongs and everyday festering grievances."
English; French

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Alternate Title(s)
Histoire d'une réconciliation sur Erromango l'histoire d'une réconciliation sur Erromango
Ne plus être esclaves du passé :
Story of a reconciliation on Erromango
9780888650566; 0888650566; 9781493655168; 1493655167
Bringing Christianity to Vanuatu -- John Williams and the missionaries of Erromango -- Towards independence -- How the reconciliation began -- Learning about John Williams -- Why we gathered -- Preparing for the trip -- The ceremony begins -- The re-enactment of the death of John Williams -- A time to reconcile -- At the end of the day -- Visiting the grave site -- Memories -- The church in Port Vila - a time for celebration -- Back in Canada -- Beyond reconciliation.
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