"Real" Indians and others : mixed-blood urban Native peoples and indigenous nationhood

"Real" Indians and others : mixed-blood urban Native peoples and indigenous nationhood
Xwi7xwa Library, University of British Columbia

Lawrence, Bonita.
"In 'Real' Indians and Others Lawrence draws on the first-person accounts of thirty Toronto residents of Native heritage, as well as archival materials, sociological research, and her own urban Native heritage and experiences. She sheds light on the Canadian government’s efforts to define Native identity through the years by means of the Indian Act and shows how residential schooling, the loss of official Indian status, and adoption have affected Native identity. Lawrence looks at how Natives with 'Indian status' react and respond to 'nonstatus' Natives and how federally recognized Native peoples attempt to impose an identity on urban Natives."

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0803229526; 0803280378
Introduction: Mixed-blood Native identity in the Americas -- Part 1. The regulation of Native identity -- 1. From sovereign nations to "a vanishing race" -- 2. Regulating Native identity by gender -- 3. Reconfiguring colonial gender relations under Bill C-31 -- 4. Métis identity, the Indian Act, and the numbered treaties -- Part 2. Mixed-blood identity in the Toronto Native community -- 5. Killing the Indian to save the child -- 6. Urban responses to a heritage of violence -- 7. Negotiating an urban mixed-blood Native identity -- 8. Maintaining an urban Native community -- Part 3. Colonial regulation and entitlement to nativeness in the urban community -- 9. Racial identity in white society -- 10. Band membership and urban identity -- 11. Indian status and entitlement -- 12. Mixed-blood urban Native people and the rebuilding of Indigenous nations -- Appendix 1. Eligibility for status and band membership under Bill C-31 -- Appendix 2. Issues in conducting Indigenous research -- Appendix 3. Narratives of encounters with genocide.
Includes bibliographical references (p. [291]-300) and index.


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