A day at Indian residential schools in Canada
Xwi7xwa Library, University of British Columbia

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French, Colin., Kewayosh, Sarah., Young, Donna., White-Eye, Leslee., Peel, Bryan., Indigenous Education Coalition., Canada. Department of Indian Affairs and Northern Development.
"A Day at Indian Residential Schools in Canada" is a 26 minute documentary on Canada's residential school experiment for Indigenous peoples. The events behind the relocation of thousands of Indigenous children are traced from the early 1800's to the late 1950's. Hosted by youth, the film explores life at three residential schools. Survivors recollect the daily routines, time spent on chores, and their feelings of isolation. The intergenerational legacy left behind by residential schooling is explored, an era often unwritten in Canada's history texts. The film features archival images of life at the schools and interviews with survivors who have never spoken before on camera about their experiences."

More Information

Executive producer, Donna Young 
Director, Leslee White-Eye 
Editor, Bryan Peel.
Hosts, Colin French and Sarah Kewayosh.


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