A stranger at home : a true story
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A stranger at home : a true story
Xwi7xwa Library, University of British Columbia

Book > Children's Book, Non-Fiction
Pokiak-Fenton, Margaret-Olemaun
Jordan-Fenton, Christy, Amini-Holmes, Liz
"Ten-year-old Margaret can hardly contain her excitement. After two years in a residential boarding school, she is finally headed for home. But when she stands before her family at last, her mother doesn't recognize her, shouting, 'Not my girl!' This was hardly the homecoming Margaret expected. She has forgotten her people's language and can't stomach her mother's food. She isn't even allowed to play with her friend Agnes, because she is now seen as too much like the despised outsiders. She has become a stranger to her own people"--back cover.

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9781554513628; 9781554513611
Sequel to: Fatty legs.
First Nations author.
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