Aboriginal domestic violence in Canada
Aboriginal Domestic Violence in Canada

Aboriginal domestic violence in Canada
Xwi7xwa Library, University of British Columbia

Lane, Phil., Bopp, Judie., Bopp, Michael., Four Worlds Centre for Development Learning., Aboriginal Healing Foundation (Canada).
"This study focuses on domestic violence and abuse in Aboriginal communities in Canada. It means to build on studies and initiatives conducted over the past fifteen years by others such as the Ontario Native Women's Association, National Clearing House on Family Violence, Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples, and several others. Contributors argue that despite all the study, there are still gaps between what is occurring in relation to domestic violence and abuse in Aboriginal communities and the capacity of these communities and of the agencies that work with them to systematically and effectively address the problem. They argue that one reason for this gap is the lack of clear understanding of the true nature and complexity of domestic violence and abuse in Aboriginal communities as a social phenomenon" (Aboriginal Domestic Violence in Canada, pg.1).

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Aboriginal Healing Foundation research series
Part I: Toward understanding the problem -- Part II: The community system and family violence -- Part III: Externally driven influences and constraining factors -- Part IV: Review of current responses to Aboriginal family violence and abuse -- Part V: Toward a framework for intervention.


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