Aboriginal peoples and sport in Canada : historical foundations and contemporary issues
Xwi7xwa Library, University of British Columbia

Forsyth, Janice Evelyn, Giles, Audrey R.
"The study of sport within the context of Aboriginal society and culture in Canada offers valuable insight into the impact of sport on a number of wider issues of concern to Aboriginal peoples, both within and outside of their communities. Aboriginal Peoples and Sport in Canada uses sport as a lens through which to examine issues such as individual and community health, gender and race relations, culture and colonialism, and self-determination and agency.;In this groundbreaking volume, leading scholars offer a multidisciplinary perspective on issues such as the clashing cultural imperatives that discourage Aboriginal athletes from participating at the national level; whether their needs are well served by the cultural values of sports psychology; and how unequal power relations influence the ability of different groups of Aboriginal people to implement their own visions for sport. The diverse analyses illuminate how Aboriginal people employ sport as a venue through which to assert their cultural identities and find a positive space for themselves and upcoming generations in contemporary Canadian society."

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9780774824200; 0774824204
Part 1. Historical Perspectives on Aboriginal Peoples in Sport and Recreation -- 1. Bodies of Meaning: Sports and Games at Canadian Residential Schools / Janice Forsyth -- 2. Indigenous Peoples and Canadian-Hosted Olympic Games / Christine M. O'Bonsawin -- 3. Toward a History of Aboriginal Women in Canadian Sport / M. Ann Hall -- Part 2. Contemporary Issues -- 4. Aboriginal Peoples and the Construction of Canadian Sport Policy / Victoria Paraschak -- 5. Canadian Elite Aboriginal Athletes, Their Challenges, and the Adaptation Process / Robert J. Schinke, Duke Peltier, and Hope Yungblut -- 6. Women's and Girls' Participation in Dene Games in the Northwest Territories / Audrey R. Giles -- 7. Performance Indicators: Aboriginal Games at the Arctic Winter Games / Michael Heine -- 8. The Quality and Cultural Relevance of Physical Education for Aboriginal Youth: Challenges and Opportunities / Joannie Halas, Heather McRae, and Amy Carpenter -- 9. Two-Eyed Seeing: Physical Activity, Sport, and Recreation Promotion in Indigenous Communities / Lynn Lavallée and Lucie Lévesque.


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