Addressing The Key Issues For Reconciliation
Xwi7xwa Library, University of British Columbia

Sutherland, Johanna., Council for Aboriginal Reconciliation (Australia).
"Outlines the eight key issues identified by the Council for Reconciliation as central to achieving reconciliation; issues are (1) the importance of land and sea in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander societies; (2) better relationships between indigenous Australians and the wider community; (3) recognising indigenous cultures as a valued part of Australian Heritage (4) a sense for all Australians of a shared ownership of their history; (5) a greater awareness of the causes of indigenous Australians disadvantage; (6) a greater community response to addressing the underlying causes of high custody levels; (7) will the process of reconciliation be advanced by a document or documents of reconciliation (8) greater opportunities for indigenous Australians to control their destinies."

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Alternate Title(s)
Key issue paper (Council for Aboriginal Reconciliation)
"Overview of key issue papers no. 1-8"--Cover.
"The primary author of this paper was Ms. Johanna Sutherland. ... The paper also summarises proposed contibutions from other authors in the Key issues series .. "--T.p. verso.
Bibliography: p. 63-70.


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