Carlisle Indian Industrial School : indigenous histories, memories, and reclamations

Carlisle Indian Industrial School : indigenous histories, memories, and reclamations
Xwi7xwa Library, University of British Columbia

Fear-Segal, Jacqueline, Rose, Susan D.
"This collection interweaves the voices of students' descendants, poets, and activists with cutting edge research by Native and non-Native scholars to reveal the complex history and enduring legacies of the school that spearheaded the federal campaign for Indian assimilation."

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Indigenous education
9780803278912; 0803278918
Welcome, with Seneca thanksgiving prayer "We are one" by Peter Jemison (Seneca) -- Part 1. A sacred and storied place. 1. The stones at Carlisle / N. Scott Momaday (Kiowa) -- 2. Before Carlisle: the lower Susquehanna Valley as contested native space / Christopher J. Bilodeau -- Part 2. Student lives and losses. 3. Photograph: Carlisle poem -- Who is this boy? / Maurice Kenny (Mohawk) -- 4. The names / Barbara Landis -- 5. White power and the performance of assimilation: Lincoln Institute and Carlisle Indian School / Louellyn White (Mohawk) -- 6. The imperial gridiron: dealing with the legacy of Carlisle Indian School sports / John Bloom -- 7. Waste / Maurice Kenny (Mohawk) -- Part 3. Carlisle Indian School Cemetery. 8. Cementerio indio / Eduardo Jorda, translation by Mark C. Aldrich -- 9. The history and reclamation of sacred space: the Indian school cemetery / Jacqueline Fear-Segal -- 10. Death at Carlisle: naming the unknowns in the cemetery / Barbara Landis -- Part 4. Reclamations. 11. The lost ones: piecing together the story / Jacqueline Fear-Segal -- 12. Necropolitics, Carlisle Indian School, and Nde memory / Margo Tamez (Nde/Lipan Apache) -- 13. Sacred journey: restoring my plains Indian tipi / Carolyn Rittenhouse (Lakota) -- 14. Carlisle Farmhouse: a major site of memory / Carolyn Tolman -- Part 5. Revisioning the past. 15. Research note on the Carlisle Indian Industrial School Digital Humanities Project / Malinda Triller Doran -- 16. Carlisle Indian Industrial School: projects for teaching / Paul Brawdy and Anne-Claire Fisher -- Part 6. Reflections and responses. 17. The spirit survives / Dovie Thomason (Lakota and Kiowa Apache) -- 18. Response to visiting Carlisle: experiencing intergenerational trauma / Warren Petoskey (Odawa and Lakota) -- 19. The presence of ghosts / Maurice Kenny (Mohawk) -- 20. A sacred space / Sharon O'Brien -- 21. Carlisle: my hometown / Charles Fox -- 22. The Nde and Carlisle: reflections on the symposium / Daniel Castro Romero Jr. (Nde/Lipan Apache) -- Epilogue: N. Scott Momaday (Kiowa).


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