Dark legacy : systemic discrimination against Canada's First Peoples
Xwi7xwa Library, University of British Columbia

O'Connor, Len
O'Neal, Morgan, Dolha, Lloyd, Ada, Jim
"Examines the consequences of assimilation and marginalization among Native people across Canada, beginning with the legacy of the residential school era. After the schools were closed, assimilation attempts did not end. A social marginalization of Native people, especially women, continued; they became easy targets for racially motivated violence. Investigates killers like John Martin Crawford and Robert Pickton who preyed upon Native victims, as well as the treatment of Aboriginals by police and the justice system."

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9780973584035; 0973584033; 9780973584059; 097358405X
CH 1: History of violence against Aboriginal women -- CH 2: The residential school nightmare -- CH 3: Apology for the schools -- CH 4: Scoop of the sixties -- CH 5: The rise and fall of the Downtown Eastside -- CH 6: Serial killers prey on Native women -- CH 7: John Martin Crawford -- CH 8: The Downtown Eastside becomes a killing floor -- CH 9: The killer leaves tracks -- CH 10: Police arrest Robert "Willie" Pickton -- CH 11: Robert "Willie" Pickton convicted -- CH 12: BC judge David Ramsay convicted of sexual assault -- CH 13: The murder of Neil Stonechild at the hands of the Saskatoon Police -- CH 14: The flower of the Ipperwash crisis: the story of Dudley George -- CH 15: Frank Paul and the blue wall of silence -- CH 16: The Highway of Tears -- CH 17: Sharon McIvor and Doreen Jensen: two determined Native women.


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