Dying to please you : indigenous suicide in contemporary Canada

Dying to please you : indigenous suicide in contemporary Canada
Xwi7xwa Library, University of British Columbia

Chrisjohn, Roland David.
McKay, Shaunessy M., Smith, Andrea O.
"Resistance is the cure for Indigenous suicides. There is nothing?wrong? with Indigenous individuals that was not caused by the relentless violence of ongoing colonization, and therefore the treatment of the fatal condition of dispossession and oppression is to right that basic wrong. That, and an anti-capitalist campaign that will set the humanistic balance of pre-capitalist, or pre-Columbian, economics back in place. So writes the very qualified lead author Dr. Roland Chrisjohn, Onyota'a:ka of the Haudenausaunee, who published one of the earliest and most accurate exposés of the prevalence of violence against children in Indian Residential Schools, The Circle Game."

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9781926886466; 1926886461
Everything old is old again -- "Death does not end a relationship" -- A thousand words on Indian suicide -- The broken Indian -- The devil in the details : preliminary considerations -- Cleaning up beforehand -- What is suicide? -- Formal definitions of suicide -- Suicide typologies -- Summary -- Double, double, toilet trouble : research, theory, and practice in Indigenous suicide -- Suicide research -- Suicide theory -- Suicide practice -- Conclusions -- Toward an historical and materialist approach to Indigenous suicide : background -- Preliminaries -- Sociological models of Indigenous suicide -- Indigenous suicide in Durkheim's terms -- A curious, bizarre application of Durkheim -- Durkheim's model as ideology -- Durkheim's follies -- Durkheim's Vardøger -- Help wanted -- Not to be ... -- Introduction -- Back to broken Indian mountain -- A myth of our own -- The importance of alienation -- Shed a little light -- What is to be done? -- Raiders of the Temple Crusade -- Economic development : salvation or salivation? -- The elephant in our room -- References -- Appendix 1. Bearing the burden of proof : theory and practice in First Nations suicidology -- Appendix 2. An historic non-apology, completely and utterly not accepted.
Includes bibliographical references (pages 203-206).


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