First Nations : the circle unbroken
Xwi7xwa Library, University of British Columbia

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Bob, Geraldine
Marcuse, Gary, Nyce, Deanna, Williams, Lorna, National Film Board of Canada
"A collection of 23 short programs compiled on 7 DVDs, introducing students ages 9 to adult to a variety of contemporary First Nations perspectives on history, culture, spirituality, education, the role of women in the family, justice, the environment, racism, colonialism and Aboriginal title to land."

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Time immemorial
DVD 1. Cree hunters, Quebec dams ; Standing alone ; The last mooseskin boat ; Kwa'nu'te' --DVD 2.Hunters and bombers ; Magic in the sky ; Voyage of rediscovery -- DVD 3. Potlatch ; Time immemorial ; Uranium -- DVD 4. Education, as we see it ; Last days of Okak ; Commandos for Christ --DVD 5. 'Qátu'was : people gathering together ; O'Siem ; Mi'kmaq family : Migmaoei Otjiosog ; The mind of a child -- DVD 6. Laxwesa Wa, strength of the river : fishing on the Fraser River ; Laxwesa Wa, strength of the river : fishing on the Coast ; Blockade : who owns the land? --DVD 7. Coppermine ; For Angela ; Lord of the sky. 

Description of the three titles in v.3: "Potlatch (22 min.) - The Canadian government suppressed the Potlatch. The Kwag'ulh people resisted. Today the Potlatch is part of self-government. / Time immemorial (22 min.) - The Nisga'a have been resisting the seizure of their lands in the Nass Valley for 130 years. In 1972, they won a Supreme Court decision confirming their unextinguished title to the land. / Uranium (23 min.) - First Nations communities near uranium mines feel the impact of sixty years of radioactive pollution" --Container.
Originally videos 1-4 were released in 1993; videos 5-7 were released in 1998. Programs have been revised and shortened from the original productions for classroom use.
Series directors: Geraldine Bob, Gary Marcuse, Deanna Nyce and Lorna Williams ; producers: Gary Marcuse, Svend-Erik Eriksen. 
Closed captioned for the hearing impaired.



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