Goodbye Buffalo Bay
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Goodbye Buffalo Bay
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Grouard (AB)
Loyie, Oskiniko Larry
Brissenden, Constance
"Lawrence just has to make it through his final year of residential school and then he will never have to set foot in this horrible place again. But despite his best efforts to stay out of trouble, he finds himself in a few frightening predicaments. An escape attempt fails and a stolen gun misfires. Fortunately, his friendships and the tutelage of Sister Theresa help make his last school days bearable. When he returns home, Lawrence is not yet a man but no longer a boy. He struggles to find acceptance in a community that seems to have forgotten him. He tries a few different jobs and makes a name for himself as a hard worker. With increased confidence and the money he has saved up, he leaves Slave Lake to fulfill his dream of living in the mountains"--publisher.

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9781894778626; 1894778626
Cree glossary: p. 142.
Second printing with new copyright date 2009.
First Nations author - Cree.


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