Home in the city : urban Aboriginal housing and living conditions

Home in the city : urban Aboriginal housing and living conditions
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Anderson, Alan B.
"Home on the City focuses on Saskatoon, which has both one of the highest proportions of Aboriginal residents in the country and the highest percentage of Aboriginal people living below the poverty line. While the book details negative aspects of urban Aboriginal life (such as persistent poverty, health problems, and racism), it also highlights many positive developments: the emergence of an Aboriginal middle class, inner-city renewal, innovative collaboration with municipal and community organizations, and more. Alan B. Anderson and the volume's contributors provide an important resource for understanding contemporary Aboriginal life in Canada."

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1. Introduction -- 2. Demographics: The Complexity and Reliability of Urban Aboriginal Data; Growth and Distribution of the Aboriginal Population of Saskatoon; Socio-demographic Profile of the Aboriginal Population of Saskatoon -- 3. First Nations in the City: Reserve Conditions and Migration to Cities; Migration and Mobility Between Reserve and City: Whitecap Dakota/Sioux First Nation Residents in Saskatoon / A.B. Anderson; Urban Housing Needs of the Muskeg Lake Cree Nation / A.B. Anderson -- 4. Neighbourhood Living: Aboriginal Living Conditions and Health; Meeting the People: Aboriginal Residents Speak Out / A.B. Anderson; Community Voices: Assessing Capacity and Needs Within Inner-city Neighbourhoods / A.B. Anderson; Patterns and Influences of Home Ownership and Renting in Pleasant Hill / D. Lanceley -- 5. Family, Women, and Youth: The Role of Family, Women and Youth in Urban Aboriginal Life; Aboriginal Women Fleeing Violence / S.T. Prokop and J. Sanderson; HIV/AIDS and Urban Aboriginal Women / C. Romanow; The City as Home: The Sense of Belonging Among Aboriginal Youth / G. MacKay -- 6. Affordable Housing: Affordability and the Housing Crisis; Affordable Home Ownership for Aboriginal People: Financial and Funding Options / V. Sutton; Aboriginal Homelessness / A.B. Anderson -- 7. Housing Providers: Who Provides Housing for Urban Aboriginal People?; Aboriginal Housing Needs: A Survey of SaskNative Rentals Clients / A.B. Anderson; First Nations Housing in Saskatoon: A Survey of Cress Housing Clients / A.B. Anderson -- 8. Special Needs and Housing Design in Urban Aboriginal Housing: Urban Aboriginal Populations in Special Need and Implications for Housing Design; Aboriginal Post-secondary Student Housing / B. Wallace, B. Maire and A. Lachance; The Metis Elders Circle Housing Research Project: A Study to Determine Respectful Sustainable Housing Options for Metis Elders / J. Durocher, J. Hammersmith, C. Littlejohn and W. McCaslin -- 9. Aboriginal Participation in Economic and Community Development and Homebuilding: Involving Aboriginal People in Economic and Community Development and the Homebuilding Industry; More Than Four Walls and a Roof / Quint Development Corporation; Urban Aboriginal Homebuilding Apprenticeships / A. Thomarat -- 10. Urban Reserves: The Development of Urban Reserves; Residential Urban Reserves: Issues and Options for Providing Adequate and Affordable Housing / J. Garcea -- 11. Race Relations and Crime: Being Aboriginal in Saskatoon; Race Relations and Housing / C.J.A. Spence; Life in the Inner-City: Crime and Policing / A.B. Anderson -- 12. Conclusion: Housing Policies: an Overview; The Bridges and Foundations Project on Urban Aboriginal Housing in Retrospect -- Home in the City: a Photographic Essay / K. Anderson. 
Includes bibliographical references (pages 403-432) and index.


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