Moving toward justice : legal traditions and Aboriginal justice

Moving toward justice : legal traditions and Aboriginal justice
Xwi7xwa Library, University of British Columbia

Whyte, John D., Saskatchewan Institute of Public Policy.
"This book aims to underscore the urgent need for Aboriginal justice reform, to suggest the outlines of the constitutional and administrative changes that will allow reform to occur, and to explore a series of specific issues that have arisen from reforms already made. It is a book for scholars, policy makers, and all those interested in or working with justice issues." -- back cover.

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Foreword / Tony Penikett -- Introduction / John D. Whyte -- Pt. 1 / The legal and political context for Aboriginal justice -- The Constitutional context -- ch. 1 / The generative structure of Aboriginal rights / Brian Slattery -- ch. 2 / Honouring the treaty acknowledgement of First Nations self-government: Achieving justice through self -determination / Merrilee Rasmussen -- Conceptualizing Aboriginal rights -- ch. 3 / Looking ahead: A pragmatic outlook on Aboriginal self-rule / Martin Blanchard -- ch. 4 / Reconciliation: Legal conception(s) and faces of justice / Dwight G. Newman -- Sovereignly and development -- ch. 5 / Striking a balance: The rights of Aboriginal peoples and the rule of law in Canada / Thomas Isaac -- ch. 6 / Developmental and legal perspectives on Aboriginal justice administration / John D. Whyte -- Pt. 2 / Challenges of First Nations and Métis justice -- Effective Aboriginal authority -- ch. 7 / Justice authorities in self-government agreements: The importance of conditions and mechanisms of implementation / Stephanie Irlbacher-Fox -- Making structural changes in criminal justice -- ch. 8 / The criminal justice system and Aboriginal people / Margot Hurlbert and John McKenzie -- Aboriginal women and criminal justice -- ch. 9 / R. v. Gladue: Sentencing and the gendered impacts of colonialism / Angela Cameron -- Making restorative justice work -- ch. 10 / The impact of reporting requirements on restorative justice agencies: Implications for self-determination / Barbara Tomporowski -- The Charter of Rights in Aboriginal government -- ch. 11 / First Nations and the Charter of Rights / Bill Rafoss -- ch. 12 / Indigenous and state justice systems in Kenya: Toward a realization of justice / Winifred Kamau. 
Purich's aboriginal issues series. 
Proceedings of a conference held in Regina, Sask., Mar. 1-3, 2006.
Published in association with the Saskatchewan Institute of Public Policy, University of Regina.
Includes bibliographical references and index.


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