Native American boarding schools
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Stout, Mary.
"This book provides a much-needed historical survey of Native American boarding schools that examines all of these educational institutions across the United States and presents a balanced view of many personal boarding school experiences—both positive and negative. Author Mary A. Stout, an expert in American Indian subjects, places Native American boarding schools in context with other American historical and educational movements, discussing not only individual facilities but also the specific outcomes of this educational paradigm."

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9780313386763; 9780313386770
One: American colonial period -- Two: Missionary educators: from revolution to 1875 -- Three: Carlisle boarding school (1875-1900) -- Four: Haskell Institute (1900-1920s) -- Five: Chilocco Indian agricultural school (1920s-1930s) -- Six: Chemawa and Pipestone Indian schools (1930s-1940s) -- Seven: Phoenix Indian school (1950s-1960s) -- Eight: Native American education in the 20th century and beyond: self-determination, education and the fate of the boarding schools -- Nine: Boarding school legacy -- Short biographies of key figures -- Primary documents -- Glossary -- Annotated bibliography -- Appendix I: American Indian boarding schools in the United States, 1900/1901 -- Appendix II: Tribally controlled colleges: AIHEC members in 2011.
Includes chronology (p. xv-xviii).;Includes glossary (p. 183-185). Includes bibliographical references (p. 187-199) and index.
Series title: Landmarks of the American mosaic


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