Pathways to self-determination : Canadian Indians and the Canadian state

Pathways to self-determination : Canadian Indians and the Canadian state
Xwi7xwa Library, University of British Columbia

Little Bear, Leroy.
Boldt, Menno., Long, J. Anthony.
"Presents the native viewpoints on issues related to the government of status Indians such as aboriginal rights, treaty rights and Indian-provincial relationships."

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1. Cultural and ideological foundations -- Spirituality, equality , and natural law / Oren Lyons -- Traditions of the constitution of the Six Nations / Tom Porter -- 2. Ethnonationalist ideas -- Nation-States, Indigenous nations, and the Great Lie / Rudolph C. Ryser -- Traditional Indian government: of the people, by the people, for the people / Marie Smallface Marble -- Indian sovereignty: the American experience / Kirke Kickingbird -- 3. Bureaucracy, public policy, and Indian government -- Indian government in federal policy: an insider's views / David Nicholson -- Indian government: a concept in need of a definition / Sally M. Weaver -- Federal Indian policy and Indian self-government in Canada / J. Anthony Long, Leroy Little Bear, and Menno Boldi -- Indian self-government: a provincial perspective / H.W.Thiessen -- Federal government policies and Indian goals of self-government / Andrew Ebona -- 4. Legal, political, and economic constraints -- Indian self-government: a legal analysis / John D. Whyte -- Some current issues affecting Indian government / Douglas E. Sanders -- Thorns in the bed of roses: a socio-political view of the problems of Indian government / J. Rick Ponting and Roger Gibbins -- 5. Social, economic, and organizational requisites for Indian government -- How we regained control over our lives and territories: the Kahnawake story / Andrew Delisle -- Problems, prospects, and aspirations of the 'Real People' in America / Chief Earl Old Person -- Preparations for Indian government in Saskatchewan / Sol Sanderson -- What Canada's Indians want and the difficulties of getting it / Del Riley -- Self-Government means biting the hand that feeds us / Sykes Powderface -- 6. Indian government and the constitution.


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