Realizing the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples : triumph, hope, and action

Realizing the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples : triumph, hope, and action
Xwi7xwa Library, University of British Columbia

Joffe, Paul., Hartley, Jackie., Preston, Jennifer.
"The contributors to this collection analyze the development of the Declaration, recall the triumph of its adoption, and illustrate the hopes and actions for its implementation. The discussion moves beyond Canadian borders to the international stage, providing accessible information and guidance on the Declaration and how it can be used to advance human rights. Policy makers, Indigenous communities, politicians, academics, lawyers, human rights advocates, NGOs, and anyone interested in the significance of the Declaration will find this to be a valuable resource."

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Foreword: A living instrument / Phil Fontaine -- Introduction: From development to implementation: an ongoing journey / Jackie Hartley, Paul Joffe, and Jennifer Preston -- Part I: Development, adoption, and implementation -- 1. Reflections on the development, adoption, and implementation of the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples / Kenneth Deer -- 2. Dreamtime discovery: new reality and hope / Les Malezer -- 3. Survival, dignity, and well-being: implementing the Declaration in British Columbia / Grand Chief Edward John -- Part II: States and civil society -- 4. Implementing the Declaration: a state representative perspective / Connie Taracena -- 5. Canada's opposition to the UN Declaration: legitimate concerns or ideological bias? / Paul Joffe -- 6. Realizing the human rights of Indigenous Peoples: partnerships with non-indigenous NGOs / Jennifer Preston -- Part III: Treaty rights and free, prior, and informed consent: essential aspects of self-determination -- 7. Consistent advocacy: treaty rights and the UN Declaration / Chief Wilton Littlechild -- 8. The right to free, prior, and informed consent: a framework for harmonious relations and new processes for redress / Andrea Carmen -- 9. The significance of the UN Declaration to a treaty nation: A James Bay Cree persepctive / Romeo Saganash and Paul Joffe -- Part IV: Dimensions of collective and individual security -- 10. A vision for fulfilling the indivisble rights of Indigenous women / M. Celeste McKay and Craig Benjamin -- 11. More than words: promoting and protecting the rights of Indigenous children with international human rights instruments / Mary Ellen Turpel-Lafond -- Conclusion: Hopes and challenges on the road ahead / Jackie Hartley, PaulJoffe, and Jennifer Preston -- Appendix I: United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples -- Appendix II: Open Letter: UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples - Canada needs to implement this new human rights instrument -- Appendix III: Supportive statements worldwide.
Includes bibliographical references and index.


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