Reconciliation from an Indigenous perspective : weaving the web of life in the aftermath of residential schools
Xwi7xwa Library, University of British Columbia

Michell, Herman
"Within Reconciliation from an Indigenous Perspective: Weaving the Web of Life in the Aftermath of Residential Schools, Chapters 1 to 5 focus on reconciliation as a series of connections beginning with the land, and then moving outward to include the individual and then families, communities, and society. From a visual perspective reconciliation is very much like a spider’s web with complex inter-locking parts. The spider can be seen as the master weaver and builder. When links are broken they are fixed and reconstructed to make it whole. In Chapter 6, reconciliation is discussed as ‘a journey’ using the metaphor of a herd of caribou moving through the land. Here, the writer is guided by Cree values of ‘Wakotowin’ (Developing relations), ‘Wichitowin’ (Helping one another) and ‘Sitoskatowin’ (Unity). These Cree words are rooted within the northern landscape and reinforce Dr. Michell’s worldview and thoughts on reconciliation."

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