Reconciling And Rehumanizing Indigenous-settler Relations : An Applied Anthropological Perspective
Xwi7xwa Library, University of British Columbia

Ferrara, Nadia.
"Reconciling and Rehumanizing Indigenous-Settler Relations: An Applied Anthropological Perspective presents a unique and honest account of an applied anthropologist's experience in working with Indigenous peoples of Canada. It illustrates Dr. Nadia Ferrara's efforts in reconciliation and rehumanization, showing that it is all about recognizing our shared humanity. In this self-reflective narrative, the author describes her personal experience of marginalization and how it contributed to a more in-depth understanding of how others are marginalized, as well as the fundamental sense of belongingness and connectedness. The book is enriched with stories and insights from her fieldwork as a clinician, a university professor, and a bureaucrat. Dr. Ferrara shows how she has applied her experience as an art therapist in Indigenous communities to her current work in policy development to ensure the policies created reflect their current realities. Reconciling and Rehumanizing Indigenous-Settler Relations describes the cultural competency course for public servants Dr. Ferrara is leading, as a means to break down stereotypes and showcase the resilience of Indigenous peoples. She makes a compassionate and urgent call to all North Americans to connect with their responsibility and compassion, and acknowledge the injustices that the original peoples of this land have faced and continue to face. Reconciliation requires concrete action and it starts with the individual's self-reflection, engagement in authentic human-to-human dialogue, learning from one another, and working together towards a better future, all of which is chronicled in this insightful book."

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9780739183434; 0739183435; 9781498513500; 1498513506
Building bridges -- Being the other -- Re-building trust through dialogic exchange -- Translating lived realities -- Personal lived reality : opening of my self -- Engaging in reconciliation -- Ethical responsibility -- Conclusion : towards intergenerational reconciliation -- Epilogue : coming home : bi-giiwe.
Includes bibliographical references (pages 139-148) and index.


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