Residential schools : the stolen years
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Jaine, Linda., University of Saskatchewan. Extension Division
"Residential Schools: The Stolen Years is a collection of writings by First Nations survivors of residential schools in Canada. This collection, first published in 1993, includes essays, poetry, short stories, and speeches from 21 survivors or children of residential school survivors. The selections detail the feelings of former students as they struggle to understand the tragedy of the church- and state-run schools. The stories also deal with the pain, and the need to find healing. Many of the selections were written by prominent First Nations writers and political activists including Maria Campbell, Phil Fontaine, Janice Acoose, Harold Cardinal, and Louise Halfe. Other writers include Pearl Achneepineskum, Rosa Bell, Elsie Charland, Art Collison, Jack Funk, Lois Guss, Troy Hunter, Mabel James, Vera Manuel, SkyBlue Mary Morin, Bev Sellars, Barney Stirling, Charlie Thompson, Marie Eshkibok-Trudeau, Tom Wassaykeesic. Each writer brings a unique perspective to the discussion of the impact of the residential school system on generations of First Nations families and communities"--summary.

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Charlie Wants / Pearl Achneepineskum -- Deconstructing five generations of white Christian patriarchal rule / Janice Acoose -- Journeys / Rosa Bell -- Jacob / Maria Campbell -- It is time / Harold Cardinal -- Courage to change / Elise Charland -- Healing myself through our Haida traditional customs / Art Collison -- Sacred gift / Marie Eshkibok -- Wha pohse / Wes Fineday -- We are all born innocent / Phil Fontaine -- Une main criminelle / Jack Funk -- Residential school survivor / Lois Guss -- Returning / Louise Halfe -- Boarding school / Louise Halfe -- The residential school bus / Louise Halfe -- Thieves / Louise Halfe -- Retrieval / Troy Hunter -- Then and now / Mabel James -- A cold place / Mabel James -- Abyss / Vera Manuel -- Number 107 / Sky Blue Mary Morin -- Survival against all odds / Bev Sellars -- Confusion / Barney Stirling -- First day / Charlie Thompson -- Can't remember / Charlie Thompson -- Rebellion / Charlie Thompson -- Residential school: a personal perspective / Tom Wassaykeesic.


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