Seeking validation : staff accounts of Indian residential schooling
Xwi7xwa Library, University of British Columbia

Chambers, Natalie A.
"In recent years Indigenous peoples and scholars have ben asking non-Native peoples to acknowledge the dehumanization of colonization, and to examine ourselves and our own society. As a response, this thesis accepts this challenge, and advocates the development and use of humanizing research methodologies that may enhance dialogue and understanding between First Nations and non-Native peoples. It is intended to contribute to ongoing discussions about the decolonization of Canadian consciousness in the present day and the future.

In this project I interviewed four former non-Native staff from Alberni Indian residential school and Norway House Indian residential school. Using discourse analysis I explore how they construct their accounts of working in the schools, as well as their relationships to Indigenous peoples" ("Abstract", p.iii., Seeking Validation : Staff Accounts of Indian Residential Schooling).

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"July 2003."


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