The Land We Are : Artists & Writers Unsettle The Politics Of Reconciliation
Xwi7xwa Library, University of British Columbia

McCall, Sophie, Hill, Gabrielle L'Hirondelle
"Using visual, poetic, and theoretical language, the contributors approach reconciliation as a problematic narrative about Indigenous-settler relations, but also as a site where conversations about a just future must occur. The result of a four-year collaboration between artists and scholars engaged in resurgence and decolonization, The Land We Are is a moving dialogue that blurs the boundaries between activism, research, and the arts." -- Back cover.

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9781894037631; 1894037634
pt. ONE Public Memory and the Neoliberal City -- 1. Public Art in Vancouver and the Civic Infrastructure of Redress / Keren Zaiontz -- 2. Unreconciling public art / The New BC Indian Art and Welfare Society Collective -- pt. TWO "Please check against delivery": The Apology Unlocked -- 3. "Please check against delivery" / Jordan Abel -- 4. Apology Dice: Collaboration in Progress / Clement Yeh -- 5. From Whereas / Layli Long Soldier -- pt. THREE Collaboration, Creative Practice, and Labour -- 6. Walking with Our Sisters in Sault Ste. Marie: The Commemoration of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Indian Residential School Students / Jonathan Dewar -- 7. Reflections on Unsettling Narratives of Denial / Jaimie Isaac -- 8. Call and Response / Ayumi Goto -- pt. FOUR Insurgent Pedagogies, Affective Performances, Unbounded Creations -- 9. Writing Touch Me / Sandra Semchuk -- 10. Hair / Peter Morin -- 11. Adrian Stimson / Jonathan Dewar -- 12. Always Beginning: Imagining Reconciliation Beyond Inclusion or Loss / David Jefferess. 
Includes bibliographical references.


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