You Will Wear A White Shirt : From The Northern Bush To The Halls Of Power

You Will Wear A White Shirt : From The Northern Bush To The Halls Of Power
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Sibbeston, Nick.
"Growing up in a remote Northern community, Nick Sibbeston was torn away from his family and placed in residential school at the age of five, but discovered a love of learning that would compel him to complete a law degree and pursue a career in politics. Sibbeston played an instrumental role during a critical moment in Northwest Territories politics, first as an MLA, then as a cabinet minister and eventually premier of the Northwest Territories. Finally, he was appointed to the Senate of Canada. His years at residential school left a mark on his mental health, fuelling continual battles with anxiety, depression and addiction. It was only in later life that healing began to take place, as he battled his demons openly, supported not just by the medical community but also by his strong faith and the love of his wife and family."

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Prologue ---- Part One: Childhood -- Chapter 1: Origins -- Chapter 2: A Year in Providence -- Chapter 3: Days of Darkness -- Chapter 4: A Northern Education -- Chapter 5: University and Marriage ---- Part Two: Territorial Politics -- Chapter 6: My Political Life Begins -- Chapter 7: Key Issues and Major Fights -- Chapter 8: A Legal Interlude -- Chapter 9: A More Determined Opposition -- Chapter 10: Changing the Face of Government -- Chapter 11: Communities and Regions -- Chapter 12: Taking the Reins of Government -- Chapter 13: An Evolving Territory -- Chapter 14: Struggles and Scandals -- Chapter 15: The 1987 Election ---- Part Three: Post Politics, and on to the Hill -- Chapter 16: Post Politics -- Chapter 17: The Senator and the Demons -- Chapter 18: The Senate Years -- Chapter 19: Closing the Circle ---- Epilogue: The Future of the North.
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