• Baptismal Font
    A1776 a-c Front / Recto
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Baptismal Font
Baptismal Font

Baptismal Font
Museum of Anthropology at UBC

during 1886
Object > Religious Material
Creators and Contributors
Frederick Alexcee
Place Made
Port Simpson, Lax Kw'alaams
Large wooden carving of the upper torso of a male angel, holding a bowl. Figure is round at its base (waist), dressed in a blue-grey robe, holding a black bowl with one hand. The other hand is raised, palm out, in benediction. A pair of wings (parts b,c) with the carved feather side painted grey and the other side white with grey painted feathering, attaches to the back with pegs.

According to the collector, this carving was used as a baptismal font in a church in Port Simpson, but it was removed because children were frightened by it.


Daily life > Religion (themes)
Daily life > Religion (themes)

More Information

Repository Object Identifier
A1776 a-c
Display Measurements
overall: 82.5 cm x 60.6 cm x 62.5 cm
Materials and Techniques
wood, metal, paint; carved, nailed, painted


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