RCMP role in residential school system October 4 2011
RCMP role in residential school system October 4 2011

The role of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police during the Indian residential school system
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LeBeuf, Marcel-Eugène
Royal Canadian Mounted Police., Canadian Government EBook Collection.
"The report is the first complete assessment of the relationship between the RCMP and the IRS system. The focus of the research was to explain how police officers were linked to the IRS system and what actions the police took, if any, if they were aware of abuse. Although the research found that the RCMP was not an active participant in the IRS system, it did conclude that the RCMP assumed a responsive, law enforcement role within the system. The RCMP's role included: - searching for and returning truant children; - finding parents who refused to send their children to school and informing them of their obligations to do so under The Indian Act; - providing transportation to schools; and - occasionally conducting investigations at the schools, primarily related to fires or missing children" -- R.C.M.P. news release.

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Role of the RCMP during the Indian residential school system
Distributed by the Government of Canada Depository Services Program (Weekly checklist 2011-45).
Issued also in French under title: Le rôle de la Gendarmerie royale du Canada sous le régime des pensionnats indiens.

Includes bibliographical references.
Electronic publication in PDF format.
Issued also in printed form.


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