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during 1969
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Related School
St. Michael's (BC)
Creators and Contributors
Clifford Hanuse
Place Made
Alert Day, British Columbia
Left facing, standing, profile bird-like image in black pencil crayon with some blue felt pen outlines and details. Figure has a four digit forelimb extended towards the left, two wing-like extensions to the right, and two clawed hind limbs below. Large head with crest at the top. Details include ovoids, u forms, and shaded areas. Pencil inscription at the lower right reads 'Clifford Hanuse age - 10'. The drawing is on a relatively square, pink cardboard piece glued to a vertically rectangular, white cardboard.

From a collection of Northwest Coast inspired artwork produced by First Nations children at the Alert Bay Residential School during the 1968 to 1969 school year. The works were also part of an exhibition of student drawings, displayed at the Charles Sanderson Library in Toronto during 1970. Clifford Hanuse viewed the two posters he made in this collection at MOA in 2005. He recalled Henry Speck coming to the school to sketch some images for the children to work from.


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Display Measurements
overall: 71.3 cm x 56.1 cm x 0.2 cm
Materials and Techniques
glued, drawn


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