Outdoor portrait of Chief Washakie or Shoots-on-the-Run or The Rattle, posed in front of Shoshone School, Shoshone Reservation, Wyoming.
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Colonel John C. Clark (photographer)
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Industrial and Residential Schools in the United States operated under a similar structure and philosophy to the schools in Canada. In 1879 Nicholas Flood Davin traveled to the United States to study and observe schools for "Indian" children and he proposed the creation of similar schools in Canada. Schools that were created to remove Indigenous children from their parents were operating in many British colonies and in the United States with aims to colonize lands and access resources.

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National Museum of the American Indian, Smithsonian Institution (P04031)
Colonel John W. Clark was a Civil War veteran and businessman who worked for the U.S. government as an allotment agent on the Wind River Reservation intermittently between 1885 and 1897; this print donated to MAI by Colonel Clark at an unknown date.


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