United Church of Canada Pacific Mountain Region Archives

The Pacific Mountain Region Archives is honoured to be a partner with IRSHDC in contributing to a regional resource that supports the work of truth and reconciliation.

The Pacific Mountain Region Archives is part of a Canadian-wide network of regional archives within The United Church of Canada.  Pacific Mountain Region encompasses the province of British Columbia, excluding the Peace River District (which falls under the jurisdiction of the Alberta and Northwest Conference).  The Region also includes Banff, Alberta and Whitehorse, Yukon Territories.

The Archives holds records of Methodist, Presbyterian, and Congregational Churches within British Columbia up to 1925, and of The United Church of Canada in British Columbia from 1925 on.  Holdings run from 1859 to present.

Because of the structure and governance of the United Church and its antecedents, most of the early mission records—including those relating to Residential Schools—were created and kept at the national church headquarters in Toronto.  Therefore, the full collection of archival materials relating to Residential Schools in B.C. resides in two geographical locations:  the Pacific Mountain Region Archives in Vancouver and the General Council Archives in Toronto.

Broadly speaking the Regional Archives acquires records created by the Pacific Mountain Region Council, its staff, officers, committees, task groups, and other regional bodies; local congregations within the bounds of the Region; Conference and presbytery entities associated with the United Church’s former governance structure in B.C. (1925-2018); separately incorporated organizations affiliated with the Region; ecumenical or inter-church organizations within the Region, if representatives of the United Church or antecedent denominations have played a significant role in these organizations; and individuals associated with the United Church in British Columbia.

Records relating to Residential Schools and their legacy can be found throughout our holdings.  Much of the material represents a higher level administration of the Schools. Unfortunately, few records from the actual Schools have been received by the Archives.

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BC Conference Archives
Bob Stewart Archives
Bob Stewart Archives – Pacific Mountain Region
United Church of Canada British Columbia Conference Archives


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