Cecilia Jeffrey (ON)

Dates of Operation
July 1, 1902 - August 31, 1976
This school (sometimes referred to as the Shoal Lake school) in northwestern Ontario was built in 1901 just east of the Shoal Lake Reserve. Before sending their children to the school, local band leaders won an agreement from the school that there would be no heavy work for younger children, no baptism without consent, at least a half day of class time for older children, and provision for children to be absent for traditional events. The school history was not without tragic events, in 1966, a twelve-year-old boy who ran away from the school died of exposure. From the mid-1960s onwards, the school operated largely as a residence for students who were attending local schools. (National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation)
Presbyterian Church

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Alternate Name(s)
Cecilia Jaffray
Cecilia Jefferey
Cecilia Jeffray
Cecilia Jeffrey Boarding School
Cecilia Jeffrey Hostel
Cecilia Jeffrey Indian Boarding School
Cecilia Jeffrey Presbyterian Indian Residential School
Cecilia Jeffrey Residence
Cecilia Jeffrey School
Cecilia Jeffrey's
Cecilia Jeffries
Kenora Residential School
Shoal Lake
Shoal Lake School


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Cecilia Jeffrey (built)