Ahousaht Residence 1937
Ahousaht Residence 1937

Ahousaht (BC)

Dates of Operation
October 1, 1904 - January 26, 1940
The Ahousaht School was located on Flores Island, on the western side of Vancouver Island. Originally a Presbyterian-run day school, it received federal government funding starting in 1904. It was taken over by the United Church in 1925. It was “an offence to speak either Chinook or Siwash” at the school. An inspector’s report from 1936 noted that every staff member carried a strap and that the children “never learned to work without punishment.” When the school was destroyed by fire in 1940, a decision was made to replace it with a United Church day school that opened in June of that year. (National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation)
United Church of Canada, Presbyterian Church
Home Communities of Students
Ahousaht and Ehatishat.

More Information

Alternate Name(s)
Ahousaht Boarding School
Ahousaht Day School
Ahousaht Indian Boarding School
Ahousaht Indian Residential School
Ahousaht Indian School
Ahousaht Residential School
Ahousaht School
Ahousaht United Church Residential School
Ahousat Day School
Ahousat Indian Day School
Ahousat IRS
Ahousat Mission
Ahousat School


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