Lejac (BC)

Dates of Operation
February 2, 1917 - June 30, 1976
The Lejac or Fraser Lake School opened in 1922 when it was moved from Stuart Lake, BC. It was located on the south side of Fraser Lake, BC. In January 1937, four boys, who had run away from the school, froze to death on Fraser Lake. The coroner criticized the school’s “excessive corporal punishment” and their failure to conduct an effective search. In the following decade parents wrote letters protesting the school’s harsh conditions, often refusing enroll their children in the school. The school closed in 1976. (National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation)
Catholic Church
Home Communities of Students
Atlin, Atlin-Teslin Lake, Babine, Bear Lake, Burns Lake, Carriers, Cheslatta, Dease Lake, Decker Lake, Findlay River, Finlay Forks, Finlay River, Forestdale/Forest Dale, Fort Connelly, Fort Babine, Fort Fraser, Fort George, Fort Grahame, Fort McLeod, Fort Nelson, Fort St. James, Fort Ware, Francis Lake, Francois Lake, Fraser Lake, Grand Rapids, Hagwilget, Hartley Bay, Hazelton, Houston, Hudson Hope, Ingenika, Kitselas, Kitwanga, Kluskus, Lake Babinell, Lake Babine, Lower Post, Manson Creek, Maxim Lake, McDame, McLeod, Moricetown, Mosim Lake, Nasko, Necosalie/Necoslie, North Takla, Old Fort, Omineca, Pinchi, Portage, Sekanis, Shelley/Shelly, Southbank, Squamish, Stella, Stellaquo/Stellaco, Stony Creek, Stuart Lake, Stuart-Trembleur Lake, Tache, Tachi, Tahltan, Takla Lake, Takla Landing, Tatcee, Telegraph Creek, Telkwa, Trembleur Lake, Trembly Lake, Tsitsk, Uncha Lake, Wistaria, Yacutcee.

More Information

Alternate Name(s)
Fraser Lake
Fraser Lake Boarding School
Fraser Lake Indian Boarding School
Fraser Lake Indian Industrial School
Fraser Lake Indian Residential School
Fraser Lake Indian School
Fraser Lake Industrial School
Lejac Indian Residential School
Lejac Student Residence
Stuart Lake
Stuart Lake Boarding School


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