The Crosby Girls' Home at Port Simpson, Miss S. Hart in charge, 1888-1893
The Crosby Girls' Home at Port Simpson, Miss S. Hart in charge, 1888-1893

Port Simpson (BC)

Dates of Operation
The Port Simpson school was an outgrowth of the work of the Methodist missionary Thomas Crosby and his wife Emma. Starting in the 1870s, the Crosbys began boarding Aboriginal girls in their home in Port Simpson, British Columbia. By 1879, this work led to the establishment of the Crosby Home for Girls, which became a government-funded boarding school in 1893. The Crosby Boys’ Home was established in 1890. A 1905 inspection report concluded that the students were being harshly treated and underfed. The school remained in operation, with government funding until 1948. (National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation)
United Church of Canada, Methodist Church
Home Communities of Students
Aiyansh, Bella Coola, Gitikshan, Gitlakdamix, Greenville, Hazleton, Kincolish, Kinisquit, Kitkatla, Kitsegucla, Kitselas, Kitsumkalum, Lakgulzap, Metlakatle, Nishgah, Tsimpean, Port Simpson

More Information

Alternate Name(s)
Crosby Girls' Home
Crosby Home for Girls
Crosby's Home
Indian Residential School
Port Simpson Girls Industrial School
Port Simpson Girls Residential School
Port Simpson Girls' Industrial Home
Port Simpson Indian Girls Home
Port Simpson Indian Residential School
Port Simpson Industrial School
Port Simpson IRS
Port Simpson United Church Residential School


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