St. George's School, Lytton, BC
St. George's School, Lytton, BC

St. George's (BC)

Dates of Operation
June 7, 1901 - June 30, 1979
The New England Company, a missionary organization associated with the Church of England, opened the St. George’s school in Lytton, British Columbia in 1901. The school had ongoing sanitation, fire safety, and overcrowding problems. An influenza epidemic at the school over the 1926 1927 school year led to the deaths of thirteen children. During the 1930s, runaways were forced to march back to the school ahead of the principal who drove behind in his car. The residence closed in 1979. In 1993, a former St. George’s employee pled guilty to charges of sexually abusing students at the school when he worked there. (National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation)
Anglican Church of Canada
Home Communities of Students
Aiyanish, Ashcroft, Bella Bella, Boothroyd, Boston Bar, Canyon City, Cape Mudge, Cardston, Carmacka, Cheam, Cisco, Coldwater, Cook's Ferry, Deadman's Creek, Fountain, Gitlakdamix, Glen Vowell, Greenville, Hazelton, Hope, Kanaka Bar, Kincolith, Kispiox, Kitamaat, Kitasoo, Kitkatla, Kitsumkaylum, Kitwancool, Kitwanga, Lakalsap, Lower Nicola, Lytton, Matsqui, Merritt, Moricetown, Musqueam, Nicoamen, Nicola, Nooaitch, Nooatch, Oregon Jack, Port Simpson, Prince Rupert, Seabird Island, Shacken, Shulus, Siska, Skuppah, Spences Bridge, Spuzzum, Squamish, Styne, Telegraph Creek, Union Bar, Upper Nicola, Zoht.

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Alternate Name(s)
Lytton Indian Residential School
Lytton Industrial School
St. George's Indian Residential School
St. George's Industrial School for Boys
St. George's Industrial School for Indian Boys
St. George's Industrial School for Indian Boys and Girls
St. George's Student Residence
St. George's Student Residence


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