St. Mary's (BC)

Dates of Operation
July 1, 1867 - June 30, 1984
Missionaries opened a boarding school at the St. Mary mission in the Fraser Valley in 1863. The school was relocated in 1882 and a new school was built in 1933. In its early years the school made little use of corporal punishment, but this policy was dropped as the school was increasingly integrated into the federal residential school system. The school closed in 1984. In 2004 a former school employee was convicted of 12 counts of indecent assault in relation to his time at the school and was sentenced to three years in prison. (National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation)
Catholic Church
Home Communities of Students
Pemberton, Chehalis, Cheam, Boston Bar, Coquitlam, Seton Lake (Seton Lk.), Sumas, Musqueam, Skookumchuk, Skookum Ok., Pavilion, Samahquam, Matsqui, Bridge River (Bridge R.), Uhehalis, Skwah, Douglas, Soowlitz, Scowlitz, Fountain, Semiahmoo, Skwawwslook, Nicomen, Popeum, Popcum, Pocum, Sardis, Spuzzum, Agassiz, Union Bar, Lillooet, Yakweakwios, Seabird, Seabird Island (Seabird Is.), Cayoose Cr., Yale, Hope, Langley, Kwaw-Kwaw-apilt, Harrison, D’Aroy, Daroy, Laidlaw, Katie, Twsawwassen, Twassen, Osyoose O., Lytton, Creekside, Katz, Kwakwelth, Katzie, Deroche, Shalalth, Samahquam, Samahwuam, Tzeachtin, Anderson Lk., Skookumchukl, Squialla.

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Alternate Name(s)
St. Mary
St. Mary's Mission
St. Mary's School


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