Bâtiments en 1962
Bâtiments en 1962

Anahim Lake Dormitory (BC)

Dates of Operation
September 1, 1968 - June 30, 1977
Opened in 1960, Canada began funding the Anahim Lake Dormitory in 1968. The facility housed children attending the local day school. With declining enrolment, in 1977 Canada decided that it would be more cost effective to send the children who were boarding at the dormitory to fill available spaces at the Williams Lake Residential School. The community strongly opposed sending their children to Williams Lake, however, and in the fall of 1977 parents were offered a boarding home program that allowed the children to live in the community while attending day school. (National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation)
Catholic Church
Home Communities of Students
Alexis Creek, Anaham, Anahim Lake, Bella Bella, Blackwater, Chilcotin, Kluskus, Salmon River, Okanogan, and Ulkatcho.

More Information

Alternate Name(s)
Anaham Day School
Anaham Indian Day School
Anaham Reserve Convent Dormatory
Anaheim Reserve
Anahim Lake Day School
Anahim Lake Dorm
Anahim Lake Dormitory
Anahim Lake Dormitory, School and Teacherage
Anahim Lake Hostel
Anahim Lake Indian Hostel
Anahim Lake Kindergarten and Student Residence
Anahim Lake Mission
Anahim Lake Residence
Anahim Lake Roman Catholic School
Anahim Lake School Dormitory
Anahim Lake School Hostel
Anahim Lake Student Residence
Anahim Lake Students' Residence
Aniham Lake Dorm
Annaheim Lake Residential School
Ulchoto School
Ulkaccho Day School
Ulkatcho Residential School


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