Buildings at the Mount Elgin Indian Industrial Institute, Muncey
Buildings at the Mount Elgin Indian Industrial Institute, Muncey

Mount Elgin (ON)

Dates of Operation
July 1, 1867 - June 30, 1946
The Mount Elgin school in Munceytown, in what is now Ontario, was established in 1850. An 1858 government report concluded that the school was a failure and recommended that it be closed. By 1871 it was back in operation as a residential school. In 1902 an inspector concluded that the “boys of this school are not only working, they are being worked.” In 1908, students set fire to the school on three different occasions. In 1942 a senior Indian Affairs official described Mount Elgin as the “most dilapidated structure” that he had ever seen. The school was closed four years later. (National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation)
Methodist Church

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Alternate Name(s)
Mount Elgin Indian Industrial Institute
Mount Elgin Indian Institution
Mount Elgin Industrial and Training School
Mount Elgin Industrial Farm and Institution
Mount Elgin Industrial Institute
Mount Elgin Institute and School
Muncey Indian Residential School
Muncey Institution
St. Thomas


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Mount Elgin (built)