Museum of Anthropology at UBC

The Museum of Anthropology (MOA) at UBC is world-renowned for its collections, research, teaching, public programs and community connections. Founded in 1949 in the basement of the Main Library at UBC, its mission is to inspire understanding of and respect for world arts and cultures. Today, Canada's largest teaching museum is located in a spectacular building overlooking mountains and sea. MOA houses more than 42,000 ethnographic objects and 535,000 archaeological objects, including many that originate from the Northwest Coast of British Columbia as well as from Asia (about 40 percent of MOA’s collection). The Koerner Gallery features one of Canada’s most important European ceramics collections, while MOA's Multiversity Galleries provide public access to more than 10,000 objects from around the world. The Audain Gallery and the O’Brian Gallery, MOA's temporary exhibition spaces, showcase travelling exhibits, as well as those developed in-house.

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Audrey & Harry Hawthorn Library & Archives, UBC Museum of Anthropology
UBC Museum of Anthropology


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